Welcome to St. Louis Bengals

My name is Tammy and I'd like to welcome you to the beautiful, playful world of bengal cats. My family and I take great care with our cats and kittens. Our cats are well-loved and raised in a family environment. We play with them every day so they are well socialized. They are fed nutritious high-protein food. As purebred bengals, they have gorgeous coloring and worderfully curious, intelligent, and energetic personalities.

Our breeders are licensed, official bengals. They are grey or brown, and have paw-print characteristic rosettes.

You can view more about our breeders here.

We have been loving on our bengals since 2017. Visit Our Story to learn about our passion for the beautiful bengal and why we love what we do.

New Litter for Adoption in April

Two of our momma cats have recently had kittens!! There are a total of four available kittens currently. To see the latest pictures of these beautiful babies visit the kittens page. Please contact me to discuss if one of our bengal kittens would be right for you and to reserve your kitten.

Tips for Sucess with Bengals

  • play time is anytime - spend lots of time daily interacting with your bengal. They love to jump for toys. Some bengals will even play catch.
  • garbage in garbage out - invest in good nutritious high protein or even raw food for your bengal. It's better for your bengal and it will reduce litter box smell.
  • water, water everywhere - bengals tend to love water. Not only will they sometimes turn on faucets to play, they long to drink from a flowing source. A cat fountain is a good idea for your bengal.