Happy Birthday, Naomi!!!  Grammidoos and Grampie came to visit with their "house truck."  Naomi even slept in it one night.  For Naomi's 6th birthday, our theme was pink and black.  It was a simple party, but lots of fun.  Naomi invited all of the girls in her kindergarten class and AWANA club.  I prepared 3 birthday riddles to introduce the games.  We played pin the candles on the cake, toss the bow on the present, and backwards toss the present into the target area.  The winner of the final game got to unwrap and keep the present, which was a bag of skittles.  We sang Happy Birthday to Naomi.  The cake was a triple layer pink cake, with strawberry whipped filling and dark chocolate icing.  We also served strawberry punch and black grapes.  Naomi loved opening all her presents and thanked all her friends for coming.