Journal Entry: October '12

The beauty of the fall amazes me every year.  Our large oak by the driveway looks ablaze.  Unfortunately, it's been just a touch too cold and windy to stay outside very long.  Matt has been diligently installing DirecTV and is excited about using his new (to us) Dodge.  Naomi and Simeon are enjoying going to class.  Mrs. Akers is fantastic, helping Naomi learn to read, draw, and express herself.  Simeon claims he doesn't like any of the toys at preschool but always runs to me at the end radiant with excitement  about all the fun he had.  Both love AWANA, and Jada can't wait to go too.  Jada's beautiful personality is in full bloom.  She is speaking in sentences, obsessed with coloring, and extremely polite - always saying thank you.  We are together.  We are growing.  We are safe and healthy.  God's given us everything we need.  There are exciting opportunities on the horizon.